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Sustainable Actions

Be active, feel positive


1. Engage our Guests


  • Ensure our guests enjoy a more responsible hotel experience
  • Interact with guests and reinforce the positive impact of our Be active, Feel positive program
  • Reinforce guests participation in local activities
  • Give information to guests "How can you help?"


  • Forest day/ Reforestation Program: Endemic species planted by our guests every year
  • 1€ check out campaign: benefiting a local association (check the information on the flyer in your room, you can make a difference!)
  • Reuse Beach Towel and linen program: In order to reduce water and chemicals usage 
  • Morning Jogging in a closeby levada
  • Local Tours: Get to know our culture and traditions.
  • Interactiv TV System in the room: Paper less information. You can access all the Resort useful information through your TV in the room.
  • Christmas Celebrations: collecting gifts to donate to institutions.
  • World Environment Day: Ocean and beach cleaning activities in order to protect our Nature Reserve.


2. Transform our employees in our true Ambassadors


  • Empower people, encourage talent and creativity
  • Promote our employees wellbeing and balance
  • Reinforce the urgency of a sustainable attittude 
  • Stimulate Capacities


  • Employee of the month: recognition of work quality and attittude standards
  • Welllness Week: 150 employees| 5 days of workshops, wellness activities, healthy food during working schedule, fitness activities, free access to gym facilities
  • Continuous training: Environmental good practices, labor standards, security/fire, specific training per working area, food safety
  • Employees reusable water bottle: Each employee has his own bottle of water to refill
  • Bottle Caps: We collect plastic bottle caps in order to help social institutions 
  • Christmas celebration: Colecting gifts for social institutions (Tree Wishes in Galosol Hotel Lobby)
  • Access to the gym facilities: Affordable rates specially for employees

3. Work with the Community


  • Care for the most vulnerable
  • Protect local ecosystema
  • Foster sustainable social/ economic development and support the community
  • Promote community involvement in the resort actions


  • Help the Caniço County to promote and recover the levadas
  • 1€ check out campaign: benefiting a local association (check the information on the flyer in your room, you can make a difference!)
  • Donating 10 meals per day (from Monday to Friday) to local associations
  • Training program for local schools students
  • Help the local animal associations
  • Internship programs (to admit international and local students)
  • Protecting the Underwater Nature Reserve of Garajau
  • Helping local institutions with goods and supplies: matteresses, blankets, clothes, kitchen material
  • World food day celebration: Food donation
  • Support local activities and events: Madeira Folklore; Wine festival; Onion Festival...
  • Social and environmental partnerships. Our Partners: Madeira Natural Park (Nature protection Institution) | C.A.S.A. (Local Homeless assocation) | Abraço (Portuguese HIV ad association) 

4. Partners and Suppliers (Maintaining long and positive relations)


  • Extend our social and environmental commitments to our partners and suppliers
  • Engage them in our progress and raise standards all along our value chain 


  • Montly partners an suppliers meetings:
    • Reinforce shared values / Discuss and align our goals
  • Engaging partners and suppliers in our actions
  • Help the Resort Causes

5. Food: Healthy and Sustainable Diet & Reducing Waste


  • Offer our guests healthy and sustainable food options
  • Reduce food waste
  • Raise awareness of guests for food waste


  • Buy local and seasonal 
  • Promote seasonal and local products (wine tasting, offering local food at our restaurants)
  • Using our kitchen garden products (salsa, mint, courgette, tomato, passion fruit, coriander, sweet potato, onion and more)
  • Reduce food waste while helping people: donating food 
  • Share our sustainable policies

6. Reduce Resources


  • Optimize the use of natural resources
  • Choose sustainability
  • Increase the production and use of clean energy resources



  • We have electronic keys in the rooms
  • We use economic lights
  • We use renewable-energy – solar panels for water heating and photovoltaic panels to produce energy;
  • We have save 23% of gas consumption due to the use of solar panels
  • Reduction of fossil fuels help us reduce our ecologic footprint
  • All plumbing is insulated to prevent heat loss;
  • We have motion sensors in the busiest areas
  • Our rooms have air conditioning sensors.  When the windows are opened the AC turn off.


  • We analyze periodically the water
  • We use flow redactors in our taps
  • Double flushing / toilet watertank
  • Use mountain water to irrigate gardens 
  • We control irrigation by timers and humidity sensors
  • We have a daily water consumption control
  • In our gym and cafeteria we use water filters avoiding consuming bottled water
  • Beach towel and linen reuse program


  • We use recycled paper;
  • Used paper is reused as draft paper;
  • We reuse old towels for cleaning;
  • Our toners, lamps and batteries are sent to recycling;
  • Our hotel has in all rooms and public areas waste separation points;
  • We compact our waste;
  • We work with returnable packaging;

 7. Protect the Environment


  • Reduce plastic waste
  • Reduce sea and soil waste
  • Reinforce the positive impact of our program
  • Ensure the preservation of Nature Reserve of Garajau and local nature


  • Forest day celebration
  • Plant Madeira's endemic plants
  • Madeira Natural Park partnership - Life Madeira Lobo Marinho Project
  • Raise community and guests awareness to preserve and protect nature: beach cleaning actions, ocean cleaning (Manta Diving Madeira) waste sorting, local biodeversity information
  • Kids Club - children's education and awareness for environmental problems

You can make a difference!

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